Server Version: 1.19.3
Server Launcher: Purpur

This server is a semi-vanilla survival world with some little additions which are primary Quality of Life adjustments.

Available commands are (commands in bold availability is from the community donations):

  • AFK - Marks you as AFK on the server.

  • Backpack - Works like an enderchest but cannot store shulkers. Does not empty on death. (Backpack is always available but size is dependant on donation)

  • Condense/Uncondense - Allows to quickly condense items in your inventory. Ie 9 redstone to 1 redstone block and back again.

  • Cordshud (toggleable)  - Shows in-game cords above health and hunger.

  • Enderchest - Allows for enderchest to be accessible via command.

  • Hat - Allows you to put items on your head. Like an end rod if you want to be a unicorn.

  • Lastonline - Combined with a player name will show you the last time a player was logged in.

  • Mail - Mailing system for sending messages to players even if they are offline.

  • Mutechat/unmutechat - Allows in-game chat to be muted and unmuted for you. Does not affect other people.

  • Playtime - Shows your total playtime and date you first joined the server.

  • Portable Benches - Allows for all workbenches to be accessible via command. Ie /workbench or /anvil

  • Portalcoords - Shows the portal location needed in the opposite dimension for your current location.

  • Ride - Allows riding of mobs.Current rideable mobs are as followed:

    • Axolotl, Bat, Bee, Blaze, Cat, Cave Spider, Chicken, Cod, Cow, Creeper, Dolphin, Drowned, Fox, Frog, Ghast, Goat, Guardian, Hoglin, Husk, Iron Golem, Magma Cube, Mooshroom, Ocelot, Panda, Phantom, Piglin, Piglin Brute, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Ravager, Salmon, Sheep, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, Slime, Snow Golem, Spider, Squid, Stray, Turtle, Warden, Witch, Wither Skeleton, Wolf, Zoglin, Zombie and Zombified Piglin.

  • Seed - Yes seed is visible. No point in hiding it with seed crackers these days. Do not abuse this!

  • Sit - Allows you to sit on the ground. Slabs & Stairs can be right clicked to do the same.

  • Stats - Shows some in-game stats.

  • Uptime - Shows the current uptime of the server. Server reboots once a day.

Useful Information:

  • This is a forever world unless Mojang says otherwise. We’ll upgrade and trim the world as we go.

  • The world borders are as followed (These will be expanded upon when needed):

    • Overworld: 5K 

    • Nether: 10K

    • End: 25K

  • We have 3 custom dimensions. These are:

    • Shopping District

    • Minigames

    • Overworld Resources

  • We have a plugin on the server that radically reduces the lag caused by villages. The plugin will remove all AI from the villagers except for all trading features.
    This is accomplished by standing the villager on a smooth stone block or renaming them to NoAI (Case sensitive). Right click them after doing either of these and they will be ‘lobotomized’. They will not move. Even if the block below them is removed.
    To regain AI simply stand them on a different block or rename them and right click.
    Please use this whenever building a trade hall!

    Happy server = happy staff = happy life xD