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Welcome to Nomad Nation. This site is new and a work in progress. Things will change over the coming weeks!

So, here's a little intro to us!

We are a small community of (mostly) mature players (18+). We've been playing together for almost two years, from vanilla mc to heavily moded Skylock.
We also play other games such as ark or among us etc.
Staff and players are always helpful. Suggestions are always welcome, we strive to build a community with likeminded people where everyone feels comfortable. We are not for everyone, and that is ok.

- Whitelisted Community
- NOT pay-to-win
- No Lag & 99% uptime on all servers
- Grief prevention in-place.
- Backups every 3 hours – very little chance of your hard work being lost, even the backups have backups!

Server Specs:
CPU: i9-12900K
RAM: 64GB DDR4-3200
HDD: Samsung 970 Evo 1TB NVMe

This is a dedicated machine we fully own

We have these servers available for all members

  • SMP
    • Forever World - No reset unless forced. World will expand over time
    • Semi Vanilla (Quality of life plugins) include but not limited to:
      • Player/mob head drops
      • One player sleep
      • Fast leaf decay
      • Armour statues
      • Anti enderman grief
    • No land claims
    • Shopping, Minigame and Resource dimensions (Resource dimension resets monthly)
    • Hard mode
    • Public Enderman, Stray and Blaze farms
    • Custom Model items.
  • Creative
    • Plots each player can claim, world edit is enabled. Let your creativity go wild!
  • Skyblock
    • Iridium Skyblock, just your basic setup for now.
  • Hardcore
    • Season 2 is live!! This season will run for few months, there is a new challenge each season, come check it out! Also running modified blaze and caves advancement datapack.
  • RLCraft
    • Basic RLCraft modpack is used for now. Custom launcher will come at some point.
  • Pixelmon
    • Coming soon - No ETA yet - Custom map and dimensions being made from scratch
  • Create
    • Running the same mods as the Hermit's season 2!
  • Battle Of Helms Deep (Event Server - Only on when requested)

To join:
 Fill out an application in our discord to start your journey! Link is at the top of the page

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