Create Rise & Shine Update
Just__Ju 23 June 2023 11:15

Create Rise and Shine is here!!

As we recently updated create to 1.19.2 the wonderful developers of create have ported the Rise & Shine update to fabric, and therefore we have updated our modpack with create  "create-fabric-0.5.1-b-build.1079+mc1.19.2" try saying that 3 times in a row.

In the Rise and Shine update we have some new toys to play with they include in addition to all the regular blocks and items you already love.

- Netherite Diving Boots | Netherite Backtank | Netherite Diving Helmet 

- Contraption Controls 

- Elevator Pully 

- Copycat Step | Copycat Panel 

- Block of Andesite Alloy | Block of Industrial Iron | Block of Experience 

- Large Water Wheel 

- Mechanical Roller 

- Andesite Door | Copper Door | Brass Door 

- Andesite Bars | Copper Bars | Brass Bars 

- Andesite Scaffolding | Copper Scaffolding | Brass Scaffolding 

- Clipboard

As usual you can hold W on most of the items to get an animation on how the item works alternately you can ask in create-chat on discord 

Please make sure you have the correct version in your client instance to be able to join you can download with the link below and of course the file has been scanned in prevention of the recent curseforge security risks.

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