Nomad Nation


Our community guidelines for a better and more fun gaming experience...

1. Be respectful
The most important rule we have is to be respectful towards other players and the hard work everyone has put into their builds and creations.
The following is absolutely not allowed:
– Racism
– Name calling
– Making fun of, belittling or otherwise insulting others and their builds or play skill.
– Discrimination of any person or group

2. Hacking of any kind or using mods that give unfair advantage is prohibited.

3. Griefing and stealing is not allowed. Do not enter other players bases without permission.

4. Changing things, gathering resources or otherwise altering the state of community areas is prohibited unless given permission from staff.

5. PVP is allowed but only if both players agree to it. Heads are not to be taken unless both players agree.

6. Do not purposely use glitches.

7. All duping is prohibited except for TNT duping in farms i.e. cobblestone farm, wood farm etc. Flying machine with tnt duping is only allowed to clear a large area and you’re NOT allowed to keep the resources.

8. Using TNT (not duping) for the purpose of gathering resources is allowed for all items.

9. To get the best experience possible while playing on our servers, please make all builds as lag friendly as possible. We will request any build causing unnecessary lag to be removed/modified. 

10. Public farms are there for everyone to use. They are setup to be as simple as possible. They do NOT need any adjusting or clicking in places that don’t need it. You break it, you fix it or open a support ticket! Don’t just leave it broken!

11. Please do not DM staff members directly, instead open a support ticket on discord and a staff member will assist you as soon as possible. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response




Violation of any of these rules may result in permanent ban on all servers based on severity.

We reserve the right to add and/or modify these rules as we see fit.